Pultrusion machines

MPI designs, engineers, tools and manufactures machinery for pultrusion process operations. The MPI machines are designed to meet the most demanding manufacturing requirements.  Extremely fine detail of small delicate parts and complex profiles of large structural components can be produced to exacting precision.  Profile envelope size and pull and clamp capacities are available to fill any requirement.

MPI pultrusion machines use state-of-the-art programmable controllers, power units, pumps, valves and manufacturing technology.  Every care has been taken to maximize equipment operating efficiency and minimize downtime.

MPI machine frames are constructed of heavy-duty steel to provide a stable processing platform, which is essential for quality production.  A strong frame enables processing very dense composites which have a high fiber-to-resin composition.  The higher the fiber content of the pultruded part, the stronger the part and the higher its performance.

MPI provides the most comprehensive design, equipment, processing and technical support services available in the composites industry.

When considering new process equipment or upgrading existing equipment, call MPI and let us help you increase you manufacturing capacities and improve your competitive edge in the marketplace.

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