Corporate philosophy

MPI strives to help and develop processes and designs to keep the composite industry moving forward. MPI feels that by training and delivering the best machinery on the market, we can help grow the composite industry worldwide. If we cannot help with our years of knowledge in this industry, we can certainly send a customer in the right direction. We do not try to sell machinery or services to every customer. We try to help evaluate production requirements and investment payoffs.


Notching Machine



MPI has a history in pultrusion and panel production. We spent years producing products before we ever built our first machine for commercial sale. We bring that experience and technology with us on each machine, technology or die purchase.

Why go to a machine manufacturer that has no experience in a production environment. We know what it takes to manufacture and deliver quality products in a composite production environment.



Machine Products Inc’s principles, Lee Green and Andy Green have been setting industry standards since the early 60′s. It all started with Andy Green building the first all-composite race car, the Chaparral. That car led the industry in setting standards and records that were not equalled until the mid to late 80′s. Since that time, Andy Green has set many other records that are still to this day unequalled, and Lee Green continues with industry records in machinery.

The Greens pride themselves in thinking around the problem, and not making concession to manufacturing when designing composite structures. Let MPI help lead you into the future through innovation, experience and a history that is largely unequalled today.