MPI History

Andy Green has been a leader in the composites industry since the early 60′s with his development and manufacturing of the all composite chassis Chapparel Race car. Since that time the Green family has led the composites industry with composite structures and equipment development and design.


Chapperal Race Car


Lee Green, MPI’s president built his first fiberglass product in 1979, a 17 foot racing sailboat, in his father’s fiberglass company, Plastrend Inc. Since that time Lee has worked in all facets of the composites industry including building over 15 boats personally. Since the 70′s Lee Green has worked with his father Andy Green in the developing, testing, construction and installation of hundreds of composite applications.



Mr. Lee Green oversaw the first pultrusion machine built for his fathers company Composite Technology Inc. and purchased another pultrusion machine from a European company. Through the use of these two machines, lack of help from the machinery manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of feet of production, Mr. Green developed his own user friendly, ruggedly built and almost maintenance free pultrusion machinery for commercial sale. Mr. Green knew the industry needed a machinery manufacturer that knew how to make composite parts and understood the technology completely.

Lee Green Second Machine

Lee Greens first and second machine still in service today.


General Motors came to the Greens in the early 80′s to develop equipment and process technology for a pultrusion process called pull pressing. That development and work with General Motors helped Mr. Green hone his skills in Machinery Manufacturing. In 1988 Mr. Green founded CPE, Composite Process Equipment Inc., launching a career in machinery manufacturing and technology transfer for fiberglass and composite pultrusion.

Developing a full line of Pultrusion equipment from small 5,000 pound pullers to the then and still worlds largest pultrusion machine at 100,000 pound pull in 1994. The two 100,000 pound machines are still in production at Glasforms Inc., in Birmingham Alabama.

Worlds Largest Pultrustion Machine


Mr. Green sold the assets of CPE in 2000 and continued working for the company for a couple of years. MPI was founded in 2000 to produce the machines built by the old CPE Mr. Green had sold. Now MPI has reassembled key members of CPE to manufacture a new and improved line of pultrusion and panel machines. MPI’s principles have designed, built and delivered over 230 pultrusion or composite process machines, dies and technology worldwide since the early 80′s.

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